During quarantine, Shorts Brewing Company in Bellaire, Mich., found a fun, innovative way to get beer to customers-- by seaplane.

Short’s owner Joe Short told 9 and 10 News, he wanted to do something that was special and personal.

“We’re in the food and beverage industry, and we’re in the business of having entertainment and fun."

Short, with help from is friend and pilot, Steve Smith, made deliveries to several customers  in Northern Michigan via seaplane.

Smith tells 9 and 10 News,

“Joe is a very adventurous guy and I am as well and so we kind of bounce ideas off each other to see if we can get the other one to say no and it hasn’t happened yet...I had seen that they were doing deliveries and I’m always looking for a great excuse to go flying."

Judging from the above video, customers loved it! In a post to Facebook, the brewery says that reservations for seaplane delivery sold out super quickly.

For now, Short's is still delivering by land, but they say they had so much fun making runs in the seaplane, they might just do it again someday!

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