Are you one of the many people who has recently fallen victim to a pothole crater? As a fellow Michigander, I understand the struggle and so does this coffee shop in the Metro Detroit area.

Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream, in Franklin, is offering customers a pothole special! If in the month of February, you had to get your car repaired because of a pothole, Farmhouse will give you a FREE scoop of their Michigan Pothole Ice cream. According to their Facebook page, the ice cream consists of:

Thick black tar fudge and chocolate ice cream with chunky chocolate cookie asphalt pieces.

Mmmm!! Did you ever think a pothole would sound so delicious?

Yea sure, your repairs may not be covered but there's nothing that an ice cream cone can't fix... at least temporarily, right?

If you find yourself on that side of the state, you have until March 25th to take advantage of the special.

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