Well, Sparty does rhyme with "party"...

Niche has ranked Michigan State University among the top 20 party schools in the country.

To determine the 2018 Top Party Schools in America, Niche took into account student reviews and stats like access to bars, Greek life on campus, proximity to restaurants, and the success and revenue of the athletic departments.  

Overall, MSU came in at No. 20 on Niche's list, getting an A+ overall grade, and an A+ on its party scene.

What about U of M? No. 22,  also scoring an A+ overall and in its party scene.

Here are Niche's Top 5 picks for party schools in the U.S.

  1. Tulane University, LA
  2. University of Georgia, GA
  3. Miami University, OH
  4. University of Iowa, IA
  5. Florida State University, FL

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