Either you bring your wild children into line, or we'll spank them, do you understand?

Zippia.com rarely understands Michigan. They gather all their silly Google Analytics data and then come to silly conclusions like we hate Candy Corn or some other preposterous crap.

But this time they might have nailed it.

Someone over there went through a year's worth of Google searches to find the most common pet peeve in all 50 states.  Here's what they found . . .

Michigan doesn't like having to look at and/or deal with your out of control children, you got that? Either you get them in line, or I swear to God, I'll pull this state over and they'll have to walk home!

Thank you, Zippia. For once I concur.

Slow internet is #1 overall.  It was the biggest pet peeve in 15 states.

Burping was the top choice in 11 states.

When someone else's kids won't behave was number one in seven states. (We share that trait with Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.)

Surprisingly, traffic only topped one state's list (Delaware), while Nevada is against public displays of affection, so I guess what happens in Vegas, pisses them off.


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