I wouldn't say it's inconvenient to whip up a gin and tonic in the comfort of your own home, but why bother when you can just pop a tab? Holland's Coppercraft Distillery say they experiment with a canned mixed drink, specifically gin and tonic, beginning later this month.

Brandon Joldersma of Coppercraft told the Grand Rapids Business Journal:

Quality craft cocktails are incredibly difficult to make in a portable manner, and this is important as we consider today’s active consumer. Our fans want to experience our award-winning spirits in new and more convenient ways.

So look for a four-can offering in local stores from Coppercraft. The 12-ounce cans will hold a gin and tonic mix with a 10 percent alcohol content, about the same as some craft beers.

According to their web site, Coppercraft Gin is comprised of 13 botanicals, with hints of juniper and balanced with coriander, orange, cinnamon and lemon.

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