What better way to show appreciation for the environment than teaming up with the biggest nature-enthusiast of all time?!

WZZM reports that the Michigan DNR has collaborated with Bob Ross Inc. to create a new tree-planting program called "Happy Little Trees", which if you're familiar with Bob Ross, he loved painting happy trees for years on his show The Joy of Painting. Anyway, with this new program the DNR will be planting over 1,000 trees (because they all need friends) at 21 state parks.

This will replace the name of the current "prison grow" program that gives prisoners the chance to help raise trees and learn about horticulture. This also comes at the same time that the DNR is celebrating their centennial. They have several events planned over the next year at various state parks.

The first "happy little tree" to be planted will be on May 19th at Warren Dunes State Park.

In the meantime get mesmerized watching Bob Ross paint happy trees & offer words of wisdom such as "We don't make mistakes. We have happy accidents." 

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