The Michigan band Hot Mulligan will receive one of only four special edition 1776-can packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Drink up guys!

The PBR giant packs of beer can only be delivered by forklift truck because they are so big. They are not available to the general public. (However, the 99-pack of PBR is, so go for it! All 99 in a single weekend! That's how exciting my lonely life is...)

If you're an amateur mathematician, you'll realize that a 1776-can pack is equally divisible by 24, the standard case size, as it is exactly 74 cases or 148 12-packs.

Only four 1776 packs were made and they are in the process of being delivered to the four winners, who will then document how they manage to knock back all 1776 cans of beautiful deliciousness that is PBR.

The huge packs will be delivered to the beer chilling company Igloo Coolers . . . the skateboarding podcast crew The Nine Club . . .  comedian Ali Macofsky . . . and the Michigan emo band Hot Mulligan.

Hot Mulligan is based out of Lansing, and if you want to check out their music, I've posted a video of theirs below.

They were named 'Hot Band' by PBR, earning the big dump of 1776 12-oz cans. And needless to say, with a tour coming up, the band was pretty pumped about a big forklift dump of brew.

All four of them will document their progress making it through the 1,776-packs online.  They have until Labor Day to finish them.


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