It's WAY too early to complain at these College Football Playoff rankings. Besides, you're complaining to the wrong people.

Michigan Is On The Outside Looking In At The College Playoffs

The Wolverines were ranked fifth in the first College Football Playoff rankings for 2022 which were released late Tuesday, and the bitching has already begun.

The Tennessee Volunteers come in at number one, followed by the hated Ohio State Buckeyes (2), Georgia Bulldogs (3), and Clemson Tigers (4). In the fifth spot, and also undefeated, are the Michigan Wolverines. All five teams are undefeated.

Immediately, disgruntled Wolverine fans took to social media to express their dismay at our beloved Wolverines being the odd man out, as only the top four teams make the playoff.

Jumping To Conclusions Doesn't Help Anyone, Folks

The most important takeaway from the first CFP rankings is they mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they exist merely to feed sports talk radio and the advertising industry.

As usual, things will be settled on the field with some big games still to come, most notably this Saturday's Georgia-Tennessee tussle and Clemson's trip north to Notre Dame, where they have been upset before.

Two things, kids.

1) Michigan makes the playoff if they win all their games.

2) Michigan could still make the playoffs if they lose any games down the stretch because there's quite a few equations where that could play out.

Massachusetts v Michigan
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The Real Problem Is Serving Up Cupcakes In Their Non-League Schedule

Anyone with common sense knows you can't eat candy and snacks all the time and be healthy. The same goes with college football. If you eat only cupcakes, those who eat steak will always be better off.

A case in point: they had a game scheduled for early this 2022 season with UCLA, one of the top teams in the Pac-12, but opted to swap it out for an easy win with a weak Hawaii team. If they had played and beat the Bruins, who are currently ranked 10th, they would easily be in the top four right now.

Minnesota v Michigan
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Are you still angry Michigan's not in the top four? Really? Check this out: Their first three games in 2023 are against East Carolina, UNLV and Bowling Green. Yup. More cupcakes served up at home.

If anyone's to blame for being fifth in the CFP, it's Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel, who refuses to schedule at least one Power Five challenge in the first three games.

I know what you're thinking -- well, other schools play cupcakes all the time too. Clemson played a team called Furman, after all.

Good for them. But it's not a good excuse.

The rules are simple:

1) Man up. Schedule tough.

2) WIN because WINNING solves everything.

3) Or STFU. End of story.

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