Since the abrupt resignation of Robert Gordon in January as the head of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Service, there’s been a lot of back and forth about his departure and the person that took his place in the interim, Elizabeth Hertel.
Part of the back and forth was the payout the former director received as he abruptly left his position in January and the confidentiality clause that was attached to his payout, which has since been voided by both the Governor and Gordon, respectively.
Fox 17 says more of the back and forth has ended as of Tuesday, as the Republican-led Michigan Senate voted 18-16 in favor of making Elizabeth Hertel the official Health Director for the state of Michigan.
Fox 17 says Democrats and some GOP Senators voted yes in backing Governor Whitmer’s appointee, in charge of handling the coronavirus pandemic.
Since Hertel took over in January she has been at the helm as her department has started loosening COVID-19 restrictions that had been in place to slow the spread of the virus, according to Fox 17.

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