As the debate about whether kids should be back in school or not in the fall continues, the Michigan High Schools Athletic Association announced plans to bring high school sports back for the fall season.

According to UpNorthLive, the MHSAA plans to run the fall season as “traditionally scheduled” while noting that some changes may have to happen on the fly depending on new info or case surges related to the coronavirus.

UpNorthLive says the current plan is to play the sports that are deemed low-risk and can be played outdoors with higher-risk sports starting later in the school year, which means for most high school football players, practice will start August 10th and other fall sports start practicing on the 12th.

MHSAA also told UpNorthLive that if they do suspend a fall sport because of the coronavirus, they will reschedule that season during a reconfigured calendar which could see some sports seasons going into July 2021.

Officials are now working on the COVID-19 policies for the upcoming season and will have those distributed to member high schools before the season is ready to start.

MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl told UpNorthLive,

“Our student-athletes just want to play, and we’ve gone far too long without them playing. But doing so safely, of course, remains the priority. Our plan moving forward is Fall in the Fall, starting on time. We’re excited to continue moving forward to bring back sports safely. It’s important for keeping students in our schools and keeping students in our sports programs."


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