Hello, fellow sinners!  Apparently Michigan is one of the most sinful states in the country, so we are all sinners.

WalletHub.com put together a ranking system for every state in the country based on the Seven Deadly Sins and Michigan ranks 9th out of the 50 states.  The reason why Michigan ranks so high is because of our Jealousy, Anger & Hate.  That's because Michigan ranks high in theft cases (jealousy) as well as violent crime, bullying, etc. (anger & hate).

Michigan also ranks in the top 15 for Vanity and Laziness which is based on beauty salons per capita and spending on personal care products (vanity) and number of hours spent working or exercising (laziness).

Let's check out how the other states stack up.

Top 10 Most Sinful States

  1. Nevada
  2. Florida
  3. California
  4. Texas
  5. Tennessee
  6. Louisiana
  7. Georgia
  8. Illinois
  9. Michigan
  10. Arizona

Top 10 Least Sinful States

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. North Dakota
  4. Nebraska
  5. Idaho
  6. Iowa
  7. Wyoming
  8. Utah
  9. New Hampshire
  10. South Dakota

The Methodology used by WalletHub.com broke down the ranking system into 7 key dimensions: Anger & Hatred, Jealousy, Excesses & Vices, Greed, Lust, Vanity and Laziness.  Hmmm, those seem to be the Seven Deadly Sins...

Each of those key dimensions are further broken down into dozens of metrics in which the States are ranked.  You can check out their complete methodology for the study here.

And if you want to see how the rest of the states rank and read more about the study, you can do that here.

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