We have some bad news for car owners in Michigan. Michigan is the most expensive state to own a car and it's by a pretty large margin.

Move.org gathered data on car ownership costs in a recent survey and they discovered that Michiganders are paying almost twice the national average. You read that right, we are paying almost twice what the average American is paying.

The national average cost of car ownership is $5,264.58 per year, but Michigan blows that out of the water with an average cost of $9,304.28 per year.  Below, you can see the 5 states with the highest cost of car ownership.

5 States With The Highest Cost Of Car Ownership

  1. Michigan - $775 monthly cost - $9,304.28 yearly cost
  2. Florida - $564 monthly cost - $6,765.22 yearly cost
  3. Texas - $556 monthly cost - $6,670.51 yearly cost
  4. Delaware - $534 monthly cost - $6,404.80 yearly cost
  5. Minnesota - $526 monthly cost - $6,317.65 yearly cost

So, why does car ownership cost so much in Michigan?  Click on Detroit posted an article that discusses that exact question and they found it's almost entirely because of insurance costs.  Michigan's extremely high costs for car ownership derive almost exclusively from Michigan being the state with the highest cost for auto insurance.

That's right, Michigan has the highest cost of auto insurance AND the highest cost of car ownership.  Oof.

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