Sure Woodstock is being remembered this year on it's 50th anniversary. But how about the 40th anniversary that just occurred for the Michigan Jam?

Michigan Jam took over the speedway in Martin on July 2, 1977 and caused a massive traffic jam on US 131.

Bob Seger was the headliner that day. He and the Sliver Bullet Band was touring to support the Night Moves album.

Also on the bill was the Little River Band, Heart and Nazareth. The cost of a ticket to see that line-up? A mere $10.

The day was a scorcher, with 95 degree heat, but no major problems reported, unlike the heat-fueled disaster that was Woodstock 99.

Some of those who where there shared their experiences on YouTube:

Wow - SO cool to see some of that day. My ex and I parked on 131 (like everyone else) and got to the gate as it opened and went to the front row (of course). It was HOT. And it got hotter. I saw people picking up ice cubes from the ground. We dragged one passed-out dude to the only shade there was immediately in front of the stage so he wouldn't die of heat stroke. For whatever my opinion is worth, the high point was Heart singing "Crazy On You". Ann was on FIRE. You had to be there.THX!


I was there with some friends. I remember some guy flipped his bike on the dragway, his girl was on the back. Very hot day as I remember. Thanks for the memories.


Easily the best concert I ever saw.  Loved LRB, who was just starting to get airplay in the States.


I was there ill never forget it!  I Had so much fun and got soooooo wasted lol both the friends I was with are no longer living! what memories it brings back and to know I was There! lol wow

So what about you? If you were there, share some of your memories in the comment section below.


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