Probably not necessarily the news you want on Valentine’s Day, but if the loneliness has you thinking you should ramp up your online dating, wait until you check out this out. and SafeWise analyzed data from all 50 states regarding STDs from the CDC and crime stats of both violent and cyber crimes from the FBI and then ranked states from Safest to Most Dangerous for online dating.


courtesy of and SafeWise
courtesy of and SafeWise

The good news is we’re not top 5 if the most dangerous states.  That belongs to Alaska, followed by New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada, and Arkansas. The bad news, we’re the first state on the divide between Safe and Dangerous.

Yep, Michigan lands at number 22 of the 22 most dangerous states for online dating; or 29th on the list of states ranked from safest to most dangerous.. but on the graphic, it's the start of badness.

Now for more good news, that means 22 states are worse than we are for online dating, and we’re super close to being the last entry on the good list; so there is hope.

By the way, If you’re looking for love online right now, the best/safest place to try is Vermont, followed by Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Utah.


source: & SafeWise

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