I once considered running for public office on one platform -- never having to change your clocks again. Like most things political, it was met with division.

But one brave lawmaker is moving forward with my plan. Well, kind of...

A house bill to eliminate Daylight Saving Time in Michigan was put forward this week by Representative Peter Lucido of Shelby Township. The Republican wants Michigan to be the third state that ignores any kind of clock change. The others are Arizona and Hawaii.

Our neighbor to the south, Indiana, also did away with Daylight Saving Time for awhile, before jumping back in to the time change game in 2005. That decision remains controversial.

Alaska, Missouri and Texas are other states who have introduced similar legislation.

My idea was actually to lock into Daylight Saving Time, thus eliminating a return to Standard Time in the fall. This would leave late evenings to enjoy the outdoors in the summer and winter. However, it would make sunrise be as late as 9:30am in the winter.

Lucido wants to eliminate Saving Time, which means eliminating the spring jump forward, leaving sundown to be around 8:30pm in the summer, instead of the usual 9:30 or 10:00.

While searching for more information on Lucido, I came across this video on his Facebbok, where he's hosting a Family Feud-style game show. How can you not like a guy who's a fan of the Feud?


Statisitics have borne out the idiocy of changing the clocks twice a year, including increased traffic accidents and reduced worker productivity, not to mention when you have kids or pets whose biological rhythms know no clock.

What do you think of this idea? Are you for or against time change?




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