I've always loved playing video games.

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From Mario Kart to Madden and I have so much fun playing these games and turns out I'm not the only one. Michigan tops a new list of states obsessed with video games.

Michigan Tops List Of States In America That Love To Play Video Games

Americans love playing video games. According to the Entertainment Software Association, 2 in 3 Americans play video games regularly. SolitaireBliss.com looked into what states in America play the most video games and to do so they asked over 2,000 gamers across the country about their video gaming habits on phones, consoles, and computers. Here is what they found out.

What States Play The Most Video Games?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Solitaire Bliss found the average American gamer plays 14 hours of video games per week. Gamers spend the most time playing on their consoles (like XBoxes and PlayStations) at an average of six hours per week. Phones come next, gamers spend an average of four hours playing on their mobile devices. They also spend an average of three hours a week playing computer games.

Tied For 1st: Michigan, Ohio, and Texas: 17 hours per week

4th Florida: 16 hours per week

5th Maryland: 16 hours per week

Credit: Solitaire Bliss
Credit: Solitaire Bliss

The Five Most Popular Type Of Games Played In America

Puzzle games (like Candy Crush): 60%

Role-playing games (like Final Fantasy): 44%

Action games (like Call of Duty): 42%

Digital card games (like Solitaire): 41%

Arcade games (like Subway Surfers): 30%

You can read more about America's video game obsession here

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