An Ann Arbor land owner has a beef with his neighbors, so he built a poop wall in protest. And, innocent people have to smell it.

A Lodi Township farmer built what he refers to as a 'compost fence' after being in a land dispute with his neighbors, who also happen to be related to him.

According to FOX 2 Detroit, Wayne Lambarth built the wall in protest after the family land was subdivided, and he felt short changed in the deal, so he built a 250-foot long wall made out of cow poop.

The sad part is, as in most family arguments, innocent people are being dragged into it. People who rent houses on the subdivided land have to smell poop every morning, and after this week's 80-degree tamps, it will be a long summer for them.

"You can't leave the window open because the whole upstairs will smell like (poop)," bemoaned one renter to FOX 2, who has nothing to do with the beef.

When asked by Fox 2's Charlie Langton about the poop fence, Wayne's neighbor said 'Well, I don't like the price of milk."

Authorities in Lodi Township say there's nothing they can do about the cow poop, as the fence is entirely on the farmer's property.

There's nothing quite like the intensity of a family feud...

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