Legalization of marijuana has come with a lot of perks for Michiganders. We're raising record tax revenue, lowering crime, and generally feeling a little more mellow across the board. But, two men in Michigan recently found out that you can be a little TOO chill when it comes to your love of legal marijuana in the mitten state.

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According to a report from mlive, The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently cited a man in Macomb County for enjoying the green stuff a little too comfortably in public. The angler was smoking his greenery blatantly and in public when officers Joseph Deppen and Brad Silorey spotted him having a good time. They were in the area checking on fishers when they spotted the stoned lord of the rod.

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When they approached him to let him know that he wasn't allowed to be doing what he was doing, They asked him if he was actually brazen enough to smoke in front of the officers. That's when he purposefully blew smoke in the officer's faces and said "It's legal, bro"

Ban Introduced On Smoking Marijuana In Public Areas
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Too bad his surefire sarcasm wasn't a water tight as he imagined, because unfortunately while marijuana consumption by adults 18 and older is legal in the state of Michigan, you can't just smoke ANYWHERE. You must be on private property and have permission of the property owner if it is not your personal property.

So naturally, the Cheech of Macomb County has found himself with a nifty write up for his smoking session, and that probably killed the vibes more than nothing catching a single fish would.

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So here's your friendly reminder: you can't just smoke marijuana anywhere, even if it is "legal, bro".

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