It's kinda hard not to laugh at this entire story, especially because this guy got what he deserved.

The Detroit News reports that Michigan State Police in Alpena, went to arrest a man who had eight warrants against him. When they found him outside of a residence the 31-year-old man ran inside and then

...taunted troopers from behind a window by giving them the middle finger and waving.

He refused to come outside when cops asked him to so they obtained a search warrant and brought a K9 unit in. When police entered the home, a relative of the wanted man was arrested for obstructing justice and refusing to comply with authority. He also denied that the suspect was in the home.

However, MSP searched the house and found a "concealed entrance" to the attic and discovered the man hiding underneath insulation.

So much for thinking he had the upper hand finger, the blowhard was arrested and taken to custody and is currently being held on a $100,000 bond. Now who's laughing.

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