It wasn't a chicken finger either. Although I'd be kinda mad too if someone messed with my chicken finger but this was an actual finger.

FOX 2 Detroit says that a Roseville man went to Tim Horton's on Saturday morning to buy a coffee but all hell broke loose when he went up to the window to pay. The man said he tried to pay with a $100 bill because it was all he had but was told they don't accept bills that high. That's when the employee allegedly threw the money back and told him to take his business elsewhere.

An argument then broke out between the customer and the worker. The man told FOX 2 in an interview (video above):

She slammed the window. I opened up the window and said, 'Are you kidding me? This is how you treat people?' She said yep and slammed the window."

That's when he realized she slammed the window on his finger. From there, things only got worse. After going inside to confront the employee, she threatened to call the cops on him if he didn't leave.

The man's wife posted on Tim Horton's Facebook page about the incident and a picture of her husband's broken finger [at the hospital] which has now been shared over 400 times.

To  make matters worse, the employee, who also happens to be the manager at the Tim Horton's in Roseville had something to say on her own Facebook page.

To the dumb [expletive] that I had to slam the window on I hope ur finger hurts all day u little [expletive] never should have touched my window."

Although, you can't see it when you click on her name many customers took screenshots of her post and also shared it on Tim Horton's page.

According to FOX 2, police are currently investigating the matter but there's now a sign on the drive-thru window that says they will no longer accept $50 or $100 bills at this location.

Man, and I thought the most exciting thing that happens at a drive-thru is when you accidentally get an onion ring in your fries.

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