A new study funded by the Michigan Energy Office shows the ideal locations for a future electric vehicle charger network in Michigan. The map includes several stops in West Michigan.

The study, conducted by researchers at Michigan State University, considers the feasibility of a road trip, the distance between charging stations, the charging speed, total time needed to get a charge, wait time for chargers, and detour times added to a trip.

Future Michigan electric vehicle charging station map.

The study considers three options:

  • A low-tech model would have 598 charging outlets with an investment of roughly $28 million.
  • A high-tech model with 128 charging outlets with an investment of just over $14 million.
  • A mixed scenario, estimates 193 charger outlets at an investment of about $21.5 million.

$9.9 million over the next three years will be made available to locate chargers across the Michigan as part of a public network. The money comes from the 2016 Volkswagen diesel settlement. Private investors are expected to contribute as well.

Michigan is expected to have a full, statewide network of electric vehicle chargers by 2030. It's a key step towards making electric vehicles a safe and convenient option for automobile owners.

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