As our state slowly reopens from the Stay-At-Home mandate, we realize we may not want to be touching germ filled door handles after washing our hands. Here is the solution.

You've followed the hand washing protocol and you're feeling pretty clean from germs, but now you have to touch that grimy door handle to get out of the bathroom! What's a person to do? Toad open it! What? Toad open it!

The 'Toad Opener' was invented by a metro Detroit couple to allow customers of restaurants and bars to be able to be able to open a restroom door using your foot.

Nick Moritz, who invented the 'Toad Opener' with Clif Wells, says he's already sold 50 of the 3-D printed devices in the Detroit area.

The device is an upgrade of foot openers in use in some businesses already. But those have to be be screwed in using drills, while the Toad Opener is installed quickly using an adhesive.

And they can be printed up quickly.

“It’s print to order. So as soon as we get an order, we’ll try to get them out within 24 to 72 hours, depending on how many you need," Wells told 7 Action News.

“I think this is just going to be something that is just part of our lives. I doubt coronavirus is just going to go away anytime soon," Moritz added.

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