Last week, a barber in Owosso, Michigan made national news when he reopened his shop for business despite the stay at home order still being effect and forbidding him from doing so.

77-year-old Karle Manke reopened his shop after never receiving unemployment or a stimulus check and said he had to create some kind of income for himself. Barber shops are currently banned from opening and Attorney General Dana Nessel's office has declared his shop an imminent danger to the public.

Despite warnings, citations, and a cease and desist letter, Make continued to open his shop for business and on Saturday the Michigan Militia showed up to support his cause.

According to, six Michigan State Troopers arrived at the shop on Saturday to enforce Governor Whitmer's order where the militia were present to stop the police from entering the premises.  The article doesn't specify whether or not the militia and the police confronted one another or what the outcome of the State Troopers visit was, but they did include a video posted by the Mid-Michigan NOW Facebook page.

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