ClickonDetroit reported Sunday night that Michigan is once again considered “high risk” by a research group because of the rapid number of new cases of COVID-19.

Covid Act Now is a group of health experts, epidemiologists, and technologists that look at each state and assess the risk for each state with the spread of the coronavirus.  ClickonDetroit says that most of the U.S. have seen cases of COVID-19 increase recently.

Since July 31st, the state has been at “medium risk” as ClickonDetroit reports but recently increased the risk with the rapid growth of new cases.

From ClickonDetroit,

On July 31, we reported that Michigan’s status had changed from being “at risk of an outbreak” to experiencing “slow disease growth.” The state initially moved to a higher risk level on July 8 as COVID-19 case numbers increased and contact tracing decreased across Michigan.

ClickonDetroit says one of the big factors to Michigan moving to the “high risk” status is the daily number of positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people. As of Sunday Michigan is reporting 11.7 new cases each day for every 100,000 people, per Covid Act Now.

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