Michigan only recently put a stop to law enforcement going "undercover" to bust sex workers.

(Trigger Warning: This story is about sex work.)

Shockingly, up until 2017, law enforcement officers were exempt from prosecution when it came to having intercourse with prostitutes.  This gives a whole new meaning to Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs."  Apparently, law enforcement could legally have sex with prostitutes during an investigation until a new law was passed according to Michigan Radio,

In December 2017, then-Governor Rick Snyder passed legislation that removed the exemption that excused police officers who slept with prostitutes while undercover. Michigan was the last state to enact what critics have said is "common sense legislation."

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Many people were concerned that this created situations where law enforcement abused human trafficking victims.  This wasn't just a big city problem as a spotlight hit Kalamazoo on this very subject according to Mlive,

It appears such a situation has come up at least once in Michigan, when a Kalamazoo officer engaged in oral sex with a suspected prostitute in 2003 during the course of an investigation.

It is now illegal for police to sleep with suspected sex workers in all of the United States, now that this Michigan law was passed in December 2017.  This means that Michigan was the very last state to ban this action.

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