Political commentary has reached an all time low, but one Michigan publication is saying 'no more'. 

The Bridge Magazine, which does some of the best investigative journalism in the Michigan, has called out readers who comment to their online articles.

The tone of the comments had gotten ugly as of late, so they issued an update on their guidelines, and it was pretty spot on:

Here are some examples of comments that make our website monitors sad: The use of words like Nazi, comparisons to Nazis, even favorable comparisons to Nazis, are not a promising signal that your sentiments will elevate conversation. Informing fellow commentators or Bridge journalists they suck, are idiots, or would benefit from performing an act that is physically harmful likewise falls short. Political insults with words ending in -turd are not only conversation stoppers but lack the cleverness to slide past our vigilant gatekeepers.

For commenters who want to be critical of Bridge articles or the people and institutions we write about: Have at it.

Want to be angry or passionate about political turns in state government? We’re all ears (and eyes).

All we ask is that you allow the logic and wonderfulness of your writing to carry your argument, rather than personal attacks, name-calling, threats of violence, hate speech or broad stereotypes.

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