To tweet or not to tweet...that seems to be the million dollar question today as Michigan Quarterback Shea Patterson found himself in a tweet storm over the weekend.

According to MLive, Patterson was in the middle of a social media controversy that got so big he had to jump in and address the situation personally.

Over the weekend, a tweet that allegedly came from Patterson's personal Twitter account late Sunday was said to be criticizing Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and his very own head coach, Jim Harbaugh.

Patterson said the tweet was, "nonsense", even though the screen shot says it came from his personal Twitter account.

The College Football Quotes site grabbed a screenshot of what looks like Patterson replying to a Twitter user who was asking why he was ranked so high in the country for 2019.

The Tweet from Patterson's account read: "Patterson is going to be the best QB in the conf, Fields hasn't even played a snap yet that kids so overrated. Shea would have won the Heisman last season if Harbaugh had let him call the plays."

People are having trouble believing how authentic the actually Tweet was since @cfbquotes has already allegedly posted a made up quote from Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal in late June.

Patterson claims to have been golfing when the Tweet was sent out.

Patterson wrote, "The tweet sent around twitter today with a graphic making a bunch of ridiculous statements about another QB and my Head Coach did not come from me or anyone close to me. I would never disrespect another player or my HC of that matter. I do not have a burner account either."

Patterson continued, "I guess someone thought they could try and ruin my day or make me look bad. That attempt failed and I even finished up that evening with a birdie on the 18th, so it was a good day after all. Better luck next time. Go Blue!"

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