Anyone who grew up in Michigan knows we have two seasons: Winter and Construction. A new road improvement coming to Michigan might actually be a welcome change to our pothole-filled roads. Our friends to the NW in Minnesota have come up with something to replace loud rumble strips that not only alert you to when you're failing to maintain your lane but also let everyone in the general area know you're having a hard time keeping it between the lines.

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, a new technology called 'mumble strips', which are similar to rumble strips, will still alert a distracted or drowsy driver to keep them focused on the road. At the same time, they will produce minimal sound so those nearby won't hear the loud sound of a traditional rumble strip.

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After watching the video below of what it sounds like inside and outside of the vehicle when driving over traditional rumble strips compared to the new mumble strips, I definitely can hear the difference in sound reduction with the mumble strips.

I guess my question is "is this technology necessary?" I never realized that people living near highways and streets with rumble strips had such a tough time dealing with the loud noise that is caused by people failing to stay in their lane.

For me personally, I prefer traditional rumble stripes because of how loud they are. When I drive over a rumble strip I instantly regain my focus and give the road the full attention it deserves.

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