This is one of my favorite times of the year in the Mitten. Warmer weather means days spent at Lake Michigan, drinks on the patio, and filling up your basket with plenty of fresh produce from the local farmers markets.

When I can't make it the market, I always love swinging by a nearby roadside produce stand to grab a couple fresh veggies. Currently you'll find plenty of peaches, sweet corn, and tomatoes for sale at these stands-- and plenty of fresh flowers too!

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However, when I was researching local produce stands near me I came across something unsettling and unexpected: an old and odd video about Michigan's roadside produce stands.

The video titled "Visit Michigan roadside stands" was posted by user Jim Beaumont on September 14, 2010 and currently has 368 views-- 10 of which no doubt came from me. There's something about this video where I can't turn away, but after each viewing I'm left with more questions than answers. Am I missing something here?

Whoever Jim is, he's posted videos on everything from Spartan basketball to Detroit's Kangaroo exhibit, but his most recent video was posted nearly 10 years ago. Each one of his videos features the same AI robot voiceover which leads me to believe he had only just discovered that feature. The description for the Michigan produce video reads:

Their is no better place to get fresh fruits and vegetables than a Michigan roadside stand. Their close and its a great weekend drive. See the colors and the great scenery

Why do I get the feeling that this is like the movie The Ring and now I'm going to be cursed for having watched it? Watch the video below...if you dare!

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