It's no secret that Michigan's waters have, in the past, been treacherous for boats.

The Great Lakes are home to an estimated 6,000 shipwrecks with 1,500 of those being in Michigan's waters. Today, those shipwrecks serve as a spot for the adventurous to visit.

Whether you're scuba diving, snorkeling, or just kayaking over them, there is something so fascinating about being able to see a piece of the past staring up at you from beneath the surface. Now, not all of us are adventurous. And, that's okay.

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If you're one for staying in a warmer environment rather than diving into Michgian's waters, you can actually catch a glimpse of several of these shipwrecks using Google Earth.

Here are at least 20:

20 Michigan Shipwrecks You Can See with Google Earth

Michigan's waters are the final resting place for a LOT of ships. Here are at least 20 you can see with Google Earth

Gallery Credit: Google Earth

Pretty incredible, right? It's crazy how some of these ships sank in the 1800s and yet, you can STILL see them in the water. Even just with Google Earth.

Michigan has established a number of underwater preserves with the intention of protecting these shipwrecks. You can see a list of wrecks included in each preserve here.

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