Now acting as a kind of tourist attraction, Michigan's smallest post office is, dare I say it, adorable.

Sitting in Elm Hall, Michigan, it's still a functioning post office as far as I can tell. They're still listed as an accessible location on the official website for the USPS. In fact, people seem to travel from all over Michigan just to drive past this dainty little building. At least, that's what Tiktok has led me to believe:

Finding any history or background information on this tiny post office has proved difficult.

A quick blurb from simply reads,

Tiny building is a tourist landmark, conducting the official business of the US Postal Service. It apparently survived a recent wave of facility closings.

Wow. What a description.

What I did find out is that Elm Hall was first settled in 1855 by brothers Jacob, Michael, and Nathaniel Strayer. At least, that's according to Wikipedia. The brothers and their families lived in one long building crafted from elm logs. Hence the name, Elm Hall.

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According to that same article from Wikipedia, the post office was established two years later in 1857. However, to this day, Elm Hall remains an unincorporated community in Gratiot County. The 2020 census reported that the population was around 165.

While I suspected that Elm Hall's tiny post office might be America's smallest, that title actually belongs to a post office in Ochopee, Florida. It's a mere eight feet deep and seven feet wide. Definitely not a job for the claustrophobic.

I don't know what it is but we, as humans, seem to be obsessed with tiny things. And this post office is no different. Perhaps I'm just speaking for myself. But, if you also love tiny things, check out this teeny-tiny home that was for sale in Michigan:

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