This is good news for the next time you’re needing to renew your car registration and update your driver’s license.  As of this coming spring, you’ll be able to do both without having to visit the Michigan Secretary of State office.  So much time saved.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Told WDIV,

“This spring, customers will be able to do even more of their business with us at our self-service stations and from their homes. This is another way we are continuously improving the customer experience at the Department of State.”

WDIV reports that as part of the major system upgrade the Michigan SOS office is going through, as of March 2021, residents will be able to renew their regular and enhanced driver’s license as well as request their driving record and, in some cases, add a motorcycle endorsement all online without even living your house. They say you’ll also be able to use the self-service kiosk that’s available 24 hours a day for those services as well.

The Self-Service kiosks are becoming a bit handier as well, according to WDIV. Soon the kiosks will also let you submit a request if you need a replacement ID or if you want to add yourself to the organ donor registry for Michigan.   There are 133 self-service kiosks around the state.  Most of them are in Kroger and Meijer Stores, making them accessible 24/7.  In some areas, they’re in local grocery stores, so hours available to them may depend on the store’s hours.  HERE's a list of where the self-service kiosks are located.



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