As the old joke goes, he must have thought the road sign was the speed limit.

Let's Start With A Classic Michigan Joke

A group of old ladies was pulled over by a State Trooper going really slow on US 10 near Reed City.

"I'm sorry, ladies, but you're going to have to pick up the pace, the minimum speed on this road is 35 mph," the Trooper informed the group.

"But, officer, that sign back there says it's 10 mph," responded the driver.

"No, M'am, that's the road sign. You're on US 10," the Trooper informed her.

At that point someone in the back seat spoke up, "Well that explains how we got up here so quick! We just got off of 131."

Aggressive Driving Is No Joke To The State Police

The Michigan State Police issued another warning to aggressive drivers to slow down, as speed limit infractions have been on the increase since the pandemic produced lighter traffic.

Sunday night, Troopers nailed a Cadillac man traveling 133 mph on US 131 Northbound in Wexford County. The speed limit on the stretch of road is 75 mph.

“These aggressive drivers and people speeding, they have to be aware that these 133 miles per hour is uncalled for in this circumstance, and you will be ticketed,” State Police Information Officer Derrick Carroll told 9 and 10 News.

The ticket given to the unidentified driver puts four points on his driving record, and will be fined over $200.

It's Dangerous To Drive That Fast

Lt. Carroll told 9-10 News that in 2021, there were 83 crashes along that stretch of US-131. With the weather conditions and time of morning, he said things could have been a lot worse.

It's Not The Fastest Speeding Ticket Ever In The State

As to what the 33-year-old man was driving, Carroll told the Cadillac News it was a twin turbo Ford Explorer. He had four passengers with him.

“That is the fastest (speeder) I have heard of lately. In my 26 years, I’ve never clocked anyone going 133 mph,” he said.

Maybe he hasn't, but one of his co-workers from a post farther south has, because last August a man was clocked at 180 mph along I-75 south of Detroit.

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