I know there are a lot of skeptics out there who will try to tell me what I experienced was unusual but nothing paranormal. Trust me, my boyfriend still doesn't believe me. However, I feel like there is no other explanation for what happened to me over the weekend.

It all started when I went to go to my boyfriend's aunt's house in rural Michigan to feed her cats while she was out of town. It was dark out but nothing too eerie in the air. I was blaring my music, just vibing and getting ready to play with some cats, life was good.

Once the cats were fed, I hopped back in my car and continued to play my music (this detail is important later) and head home.

As I turn onto our road, there is a heavily wooded nature preserve so you usually have to keep your eyes peeled for deer. Well, what I saw zoom across the road was NO deer. No, no, it was the size of a deer but was up in the air about halfway up the tree line.

I can hear you now "Geez, it was probably just a bird" and to that I say, nay! It did not move like a bird.

My first thought was it was a ghost, a demon, a spirit of some sort...Jordan's first thought was that it was an owl when I got home, took my coat and shoes off and ran inside to tell him what I had seen.

As I'm freaking out, telling him my story, trying to convince him that it's not just because I've been watching too much "Ghost Adventures" I go to reach for my phone...and it's not in my pocket.

I check my coat, purse, car, bed, everywhere...it's not there.

I get mad because how do I lose my phone two seconds after walking in the door?

Jordan suggested I maybe left it at his aunt's house but I couldn't have as my music would not have played in my car without it.

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After a lot of searching, swearing and thinking a ghost must have moved it, I check my car for the fifth time and find my phone in the side panel door pocket on my passenger side!

I immediately get the chills because I knew it was in my coat pocket the whole time I was driving. Also had my phone fell in there when I braked or turned or what-have-you, I would have heard it smack into the door.

All in all, yes, what I saw could have been something living but with the whole phone situation right after, I have to think it was paranormal.

I told the story on my Instagram story later that night and a shaman reached out and said he believed me and that he thinks I saw some sort of "animal/spirit guide" and it was trying to give me a message.

What that message would be, I'm not sure but man, something spiritual or ghostly happened and there is really no convincing me otherwise but you sure can try!

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