If you are traveling across Michigan, prepare to be loved by the police.

Michigan State Police are conducting "Operation Freeway of Love."

Michigan State Police in Detroit have been keeping a close eye on drivers through Operation Freeway of Love. While it sounds nice, you don't actually want to get pulled over and experience the love through a love note/ticket.

Michigan State Police announced on Twitter, "We will be looking at excessive speed, seatbelts, following too closely and other aggressive driving behaviors."

Police have been giving several updates as the program focuses on different highways around Detroit each day.

Operation Freeway of Love produced the following citations in just one day last week. It reads like a Detroit summer version of the 12 Days of Christmas

  • 78 Speeding
  • 37 Seatbelts
  • 10 Equipment violations
  • 20 Registration violations
  • 25 No proof of insurance
  • 36 Driving on a suspended license
  • 7 texting
  • 5 fail to yield to emergency vehicles
  • 10 miscellaneous
  • 119 verbal warnings
  • 2 fugitives
  • And a top speed of 97 miles per hour in a 55 zone

Maybe the most surprising is that they only busted seven people for texting while driving. Feel the love this summer.

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