Not since Mike Stonebreaker played at Notre Dame has their been a more appropriately named footballer. Although he should be playing defense, not offense.

On the roster for the Huskies of Michigan Tech is a freshman quarterback by the name of Steele Fortress. I'm not making that up.

Now, I did know someone with that last name growing up, and they pronounced it for-TRESS, accent on the second syllable, but I'm going to imagine that is not the case here and his real name is like a place from Game of Thrones.

Steele is not the starter this year for the Huskies, but at 6-2 and 226 pounds, he certainly is built like a Steele Fortress.

One has to imagine that one day he will get good and get the Huskies air game to a point where their passing attack could be known as the Flying Fortress.

And one has to imagine that if his parents were that creative, he has to have to have a brother named Stone, or a sister named Ice.

If football doesn't pan out for him, Steele Fortress is also a great Wrestling name, or he could be the lead male in a  romantic novel.




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