The class of 2020 will go down as the class that missed out on all the fun at the end of their senior year. But one principal made sure her top student got credit.

Michelle Floering, the secondary principal at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, handed out the award at the drive thru window at the Culver's restaurant where her top student worked.

And she posted the moment to school's Facebook, where it subsequently went viral.

needless to say, Kaitlyn Watson was very happy to hear her years of hard studying paid off.

“Hi Kaitlyn. So, I got you on camera because I want to announce something to you today,” Floering tells Watson. “You are GTA’s 2020 class valedictorian!”

“I am? Oh my gosh!” the student responds, jumping for joy. “Thank you so much!”

And in a sign of the times, the principal noted the distance.

“You’re welcome. And I know we have to stay six feet away so I can’t give you a hug, but congratulations,” Floering says. “Well deserved.”

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