When you're waiting for mom to finish bargain hunting in a thrift shop, and you spot a piano in the corner, why not go over and pass the time by playing it while singing a little tune?

A Flint area teen did just that, and now she's internet famous.

Genavieve Linkowski was passing the time waiting for her mother to finish shopping when she walked over to the the piano and sang Little Big Town's 'Better Man'. Other shoppers started videotaping her amazing performance, and now it's world wide.

Linkowski's performance took place at the Volunteers of America Thrift Store in Burton, a suburb of Flint.

"I was definitely shocked, and amazed," Linkowski told WNEM-TV 5 after being informed the video has received upwards of 300,000 views (it's WAY over that number now). "Really it means so much all of these sweet comments. Everybody is commenting and sharing and liking and viewing. I'm so grateful."

Linkowski maintains a YouTube channel where she shares performance videos.

According to MLive.com, Linkowski admits she suffers from stage fright when performing in front of people. It sure doesn't show.

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