When something irrational happens, standard explanations seem to get thrown out the window. Such is the case with little Amber Rose Smith, a 2-year-old from Newaygo County, near Big Rapids, in northern Michigan.

Via Mysterious Universe, it was summertime 2013, and Amber was out in the front yard playing with the family dogs, with dad keeping an eye on her. Not able to hold it any longer, dad had to go inside to the bathroom. He was only gone a couple of minutes, but that's all it took. When he came back outside, Amber had disappeared.

He called her name loudly, over and over, to no avail. Minutes later, the dogs came back but without Amber. If someone goes for a walk with their dogs, the dogs usually stay with the walker...but these dogs came back.

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A search party was quickly organized with well over 100 local residents and emergency forces joining in the hunt. The search went on all day and into the night with no luck.

It wasn't until the next day when little Amber was finally found, a good two miles away from home. She was found standing in the middle of the road, just staring into space. When questioned about where she had been and how she got there, she was in too much shock and confusion to recall. To reach her final destination, she would have had to trudge through the wilderness in very cold nighttime temperatures.

This is where the theories come in. Some believe she was picked up by someone or something – either alien or paranormal - while others feel, “nah”, she just walked the distance and got lost in the woods. Unfortunately Amber is not coming forth with an answer. Whether she has blocked it out of her memory, or something else has blocked her memory, or she simply refuses to tell where she was, we may never know.

Some locals feel this is in some way related to the case of Steven Kubacki, who cannot recall a whole year of his life. In any case, it's something that adds to the mystery and mystique of the riddle of the Michigan Triangle.

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