When looking at schools there's a lot  to consider: reputation of the college, class size, distance from cool bars (haha!)-- and how safe it is too, among other things.

Well one Michigan university has ranked among the safest in the nation.

In a study by alarms.org, Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., was found to be the second safest college in the U.S.

Alarms.org calculated the ranking "by analyzing crimes reported by universities, including rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, motor vehicle theft and arsons. Also factoring into the safety score were violent and property crime rates for the cities in which the schools were located, and the number of law enforcement officers employed by the institution per 1,000 students."

Here's what they had to say about Michigan's Oakland University:

Number two on the list is Oakland University, a public university located in Rochester, Michigan. Violent crime is practically non-existent on this campus, unique for both a public university and one topping 20,000 in enrollment. This fact, combined with Rochester’s very low crime rates, make for a very safe university environment."

It was the only Michigan school to make the top 10. From the looks of things, Massachusetts is a pretty darn safe state, with four schools near the top of Alarm.org's List:
1. IDAHO - Brigham Young University
2. MICHIGAN - Oakland University
3. KENTUCKY - Northern Kentucky University
4. RHODE ISLAND - University of Rhode Island
5. MASSACHUSETTS - Bridgewater State University
6. NEW HAMPSHIRE - University of New Hampshire
7. MASSACHUSETTS - Boston College
8. VIRGINIA - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
9. MASSACHUSETTS - University of Massachusetts
10. MASSACHUSETTS - Tufts University

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