A Michigan Veterinarian, Dr. Pol, is celebrating his 100th episode for his #1 TV series on NatGeo Wild! The Incredible Dr. Pol follows Michigan vet Dr. Jan Pol, who travels around Michigan taking care of all kinds of pets and animals.

Dogs and cats, birds, chickens, cows, horses, and even cria, camels, and lizards; it seems like Dr. Pol will work his magic on any animal that needs his help.

It's really cool that National Geographic has a show that features a Michigan vet traveling around our state, helping out the animals. It's even better that they're celebrating 100 episodes! They're eleven seasons in, and the 75-year-old vet is still saving animals, and showing off our great state!

He moved to Weidman, MI back in 1981, and has build a huge practice of over 20,000 clients! Holy cow! haha...sorry, couldn't help myself...

He even drives a DeLorean, because he's freakin cool, man.

Check out the show on NatGeo Wild, Saturdays at 9.

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