Yes, you are reading that right. It was 37 degrees colder in our state than it was in the continent that covers the bottom of our planet. This is all according to the World Meteorological Organization which said on Friday that an Argentine weather research base at the northern tip of Antarctica is reporting a temperature that, if confirmed, could amount to a record high for the icy continent.

The temperature that they recorded was 18.3 degrees Celsius, or 64.9 Fahrenheit. If this can be confirmed, it would top the former record of 63.5 degrees (17.5 C) tallied in March 2015. This area of Antarctica tends to be warmer than other areas and the WMO also confirms that the northern tip (where this high temp was recorded) near South America is among the fastest warming regions on Earth.

You can see more about it here, and then you can complain about the weather even though our winter has been quite alright.

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