As of today, Michigan will no longer charge sales tax on feminine hygiene products.

This was a law that Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed back in November of 2021. The no-tax on tampons and other similar products has officially gone into effect Thursday, February 3.

I think this is a great bill for women because they shouldn't be taxed for purchasing products to help them with something that naturally occurs to their bodies

Two West Michigan politicians, Democratic Senator Winnie Brinks of Grand Rapids and Republican Representative Bryan Posthumus of Cannon Township are the ones who introduced the legislation. I think it is great when there can be bi-partisan work that actually gets completed in Michigan. This proves more can be accomplished.

I am not here to lower the importance of the bill and the benefit it gives to females all across the state of Michigan but there are some things that I would like to see our Michigan government focus on moving forward.

Now that Brinks and Posthumus have gotten something done, what about lowering auto and home insurance rates for Michiganders? There was a law put into place where auto insurance was to go down for those in Michigan that most people in the state saw no decrease while lowering insurance responsibilities in case you are injured in an accident. Seems to me the only ones who benefited from that law were Michigan insurance companies.

How about Michigan politicians really take some time to bring down healthcare and prescription costs? Are they afraid of actually doing something that will benefit everyone in the state or is lobbying and donations to campaigns from insurance companies more important?

Maybe some politicians could devote some of their time to lowering Michigan's property taxes? If you have lived in any other state near Michigan you will know what I am talking about. The high property taxes keep lower-income families from getting better homes and land.

I could go on but these three things would be a great start and would actually make the Great Lakes state great.

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