Megan Keller is an Olympic gold medalist, and a tough hockey player, but she had to  admit to she crossed a line recently.

Keller was on a live mic for a hockey game last week, and to get her team fired up, she let loose with some F-bombs. Hey, it happens, especially in the heat of battle, but she felt bad that the words were broadcast, so she told her mom she was sorry.

Keller, who was on the 2018 gold medal champion USA hockey team, and is on track to make the Olympic team in 2022. She is from Farmington, but played her college hockey at Boston College.

In a Bauer Hockey exhibition game  Friday night in Chicago, Keller, who was playing for Team New Hampshire, was mic'ed up for a game against Team Minnesota when she dropped the live f-bombs.

She apologized in this tweet later that night, saying 'sorry, mom', although her mom probably would have been fired up too.

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