Of all the crap that gets sent your way, how does the most important e-mail you've ever received wind up in "spam"?

Sometimes I feel if it wasn't for spam e-mail, I would probably have no e-mail at all. And it goes to follow that if I ever did get an e-mail worth something, it would be lost somewhere in the ether.

A Michigan woman found checking her email spam folder has really paid off. According to UPI, Laura Spears of Oakland County was looking for a missing email from someone and looked in the spam folder, where she found some good news instead.

Spears had previously purchased a ticket for a December Mega Millions drawing on the Michigan Lottery’s website, but she forgot all about it. And there among her junk emails was one from the Michigan Lottery notifying her that she won a $3-million jackpot!

The 55-year-old is planning to use her new fortune to retire early and she’s already taken steps to make sure the same email situation doesn’t happen in the future. “I definitely added the Michigan Lottery to my safe senders list, just in case I ever get lucky enough to receive another email about a huge prize,” Spears says.

In Laura's honor, I checked my Spam E-mail folder. here's what I found:

-- A note in German from a guy named Xing Guang. I'm not sure what it says because i don't speak German.

-- Three notes from various women asking if I'm available "for to date". (I am, but their English is a little shaky, so I'm taking a pass for now).

-- Two e-mails from folks telling me they can help me Search Engine Optimization ("You can be on the first page on Google!!) for just $2500. Not worth it.

--  And a note from something called "Standard Bank" informing me that a payment has been made to my account, and to view the payment, I should click on a link. I would if I lived in Pittsburgh where Standard Bank is located. Or if I had an account there.

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