A Michigan woman won a $4 million lottery jackpot and, in stunning news, plans on being sensible with it. What fun is that?

If I won $4 mill, I would save some of it. But I would buy something crazy for myself, just because I can!

Not this anonymous 63-year-old Oakland County, Michigan woman, who said she was taking the one time payment over the annuity and investing it for her and her husband to retire.

Good choice. I hear you, anonymous lady, you're sick of working and so am I, but at least get an in-ground pool, or a nice Cadillac, for Pete's sake!

She bought the "$150 Million Cash Explosion" ticket at the Sherwood Liquor Shoppe in Milford. A coin and a scratch later, she was stunned in the prize she had just won.

"...All I could say after seeing the '4MIL' symbol was, 'Are you kidding me?'" she told UPI News.

"When I got home, I told my husband he'd better sit down because I had some news. When I told him, his reaction was a little more colorful than mine. We're both just elated."

Are you sure I can't talk into a built in swimming pool? No? Never mind.

Happy Trails.

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