When it comes to Christmas in 2020, Michigan isn't exactly decking the halls, but we're not bah-humbugging either... According to a study from Century Link, Michigan's Christmas spirit is just average this year.

For the third year in a row, Century Link has figured out which states, including D.C., have the most and least Christmas spirit of them all.

To determine their ranking, they analyzed online activity and area culture across six metrics:

Online Activity

  • Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses
  • Online shopping (via Google Shopping Trends) for wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments, and “Elf on a Shelf”
  • Christmas music streams
  • Tweets about Christmas

Area Culture 

  • Number of Christmas tree farms per capita
  • Charitable giving in the last documented tax year, as defined by the IRS

Century Link ranks Michigan as 26th in Christmas spirit.

Which honestly, I think is pretty good for 2020. It's been a rough year and I get that it's difficult to muster much festive zeal.

So who's crushing that Christmas spirit in 2020?

Here's Century Link's Top 10:

  1. Utah
  2.  Idaho
  3.  Wisconsin
  4. North Carolina
  5. South Carolina
  6. Tennessee
  7. Nebraska
  8.  North Dakota
  9. West Virginia
  10. Arkansas

And which states are feeling the least festive? Century Link ranked Florida No. 50 and D.C. No. 51.

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