A new list of the most popular '90s sitcoms in each state is headlined by "Friends", which was #1 in 13 states.  "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" was second with five.

And Michigan's isn't the obvious one it should be.

A website called USDish.com compiled a list of each state's favorite '90s sitcom . . . and like all of these lists, they used search data from Google Trends.  (Is that even sound science?)  In this case, they used data from the past 14 years.

Not surprisingly, "Friends" is the winner, being #1 in 13 states . . . South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Wyoming, Texas, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, Vermont, and Hawaii.

Here in the Mitten State, you would THINK our favorite would be the one starring a former Michigan resident, but it's not. It's Kevin James' "King of Queens".

I would have bet money that Michigan would have gone with the Detroit-set, "Home Improvement". Remember Tim Allen anyone? The spokesperson for the "Pure Michigan" campaign?

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I mean, come on, the homers in Cleveland made Ohio's #1 "The Drew Carey Show" . . .

And if "Home Improvement" couldn't make it to number one here in Michigan, I would have placed my money on "Rosanne", which is also set in the upper Midwest.

Maybe it's because we know those two shows so well, we didn't have to Google them? That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

So, "King of Queens" it is.

I wasn't even sure "King of Queens" was technically a '90s based comedy, but it did start up in 1998, which qualifies it.

North Dakota did search the most for "Home Improvement", while West Virginia was way into "Roseanne"

But Pennsylvania has some explaining to do.  Of ALL the sitcoms from the '90s, they're Googling up a storm for . . . "Step By Step".  (???) Yikes!!



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