If you live on the northeast side, you know it should be Cousin's on Fuller and Leonard, but it's not. 

Fast food has struggled during the pandemic . . . sales are down 23% across the board.  But there's one type of fast food that's taken a lot less of a beating . . . and that's fried chicken.  People still LOVE their fried chicken.

Fried chicken has been the most popular fast food option during the pandemic . . . and a new study found the most popular fried chicken fast food chain in each state over the past year.

I'm sorry, I'm so partial to Cousin's, I don't even THINK about going anywhere else, but they don't have a statewide presence, so they didn't figure into this map of every state's fave chicken place.

The winner for Michigan? Not KFC...Nor Popeye's...drum roll please....

It's Church's!

I'm okay with that, I guess. It was decent the few times I went there.


KFC won the most states, with 14 . . . Church's was second, with 10 . . . and Raising Cane's was third, with nine.  Zaxby's got seven states and Popeyes got six.



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