And even that's being generous.

It's no secret Michigan's infrastructure isn't the greatest, especially the roads. And that reflects in the state's report card it received from the American Society of Civil Engineers because for 2018 Michigan gets a sad D+.

According to the report, infrastructure includes

Roads, bridges, schools, water and sewer systems, dams, railways, and energy systems are categories of infrastructure that directly affect our ability to live, work and play.

The highest grade Michigan received was a C+ in sewer systems and, no surprise, it's lowest was a D- in roads. 39% of the 120,000 paved roads in the state were rated as "poor." Only 18% were rated in "good condition."

Plain and simple the infrastructure is described as "old and outdated." And because things haven't been repaired or replaced it's unfortunately resulted in our poor roads and bridges... and of course the potholes that plague our streets. Evidently, all of these things affect the lakes and rivers, and the overall health and safety of the public. An additional $4 billion is needed to maintain it all.

The engineers with the study say there is hope and offered up solutions including:

  1. Supporting Innovative Policies
  2. Increasing State Funding
  3. Prioritizing Health & Safety
  4. Being Informed and Vocal

You can see the full breakdown of the report here.

A D+ is not anything I'd be proud of so hopefully the state decides to take some action before failure becomes an option.

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